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KantanMT API Connector for Trados Studio 2021

5th January 2021: KantanMT is pleased to announce the release of its updated connector for SDL Trados Studio, which enables users of Studio 2021, to seamlessly integrate Neural Machine Translation, powered by KantanMT, into existing localization workflows.

As increasing numbers of Localization Service Providers (LSPs) and enterprise localization teams experience the benefits of Neural MT, demands are starkly increasing – the market for Machine Translation is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 11.23%, between 2020-2025. Today, Neural Machine Translation is becoming a standard practice across almost all industries and use-cases.

“This is the third CAT connector the team at KantanMT has released in the past months,” says Dominick Kelly, Technology and Sales Director at KantanMT. “It’s encouraging to see the growing adoption of Neural Machine Translation within the industry – we expect this to continue over the coming months and are pleased to support so many forward-thinking partners and customers in their journey towards real-time translation.”

Demands for faster turnarounds and ever-expanding Neural Machine Translation use cases means that translation professionals are continuously looking for ways to efficiently embed Neural MT into CAT tool environments, and with SDL Trados Studio you can do just that. The KantanMT API Connector for Trados Studio enables users to not only access real-time Neural MT directly from the KantanMT platform but also adapt KantanMT engines using Translation Memories from Studio 2021, as well as earlier versions.

SDL Trados Studio 2021 gives users more flexibility and control in how they manage and work on localization projects. And new subscription-based pricing, just like with KantanMT, means you can take more control of how you pay for the system.

Download the KantanMT Connector for Trados Studio to get started.

About KantanMT

KantanMT is a pioneer in Neural Machine Translation solutions. Its market-leading platform, KantanMT, enables global organisations to customise, improve, and deploy neural MT solutions at scale. Their KantanSkynet platform enables modern enterprises to deliver digital content in native languages, with always-on, AI-enhanced, crowd-sourced translation services. KantanSkynet combines the speed and cost-benefits of machine translation with the authenticity and precision that only a native speaker can deliver.

KantanMT is part of the Keywords Studios Group, the largest provider of global services to the video games and media and entertainment industries. It has offices in over 50 locations and delivers services to 23 of the top 25 games companies.

KantanMT is based in the INVENT Building, DCU Campus, Dublin 9, Ireland. Find out more about KantanMT at

About SDL

SDL has been at the forefront of developing CAT solutions for over 35 years. By offering new ways to translate and manage projects, coupled with improvements in translation memory management and personalization, SDL Trados Studio 2021 delivers a unique translation experience that will meet the challenging and diverse needs of today’s translation industry.

Find out more about SDL:

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