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About KantanAI

KantanAI accelerates translation delivery and improves communication effectiveness, helping you develop better products and smoother customer journeys.

KantanMT accelerated delivery in global markets

Artificial Intelligence. Done Differently.

KantanAI aims to build universal understanding and transform industries. By combining human expertise and artificial intelligence, KantanAI gives businesses the ability to understand their customers, collaborate more effectively and create richer experiences

Universal Understanding

The challenge of understanding one another is universal. KantanAI helps businesses and their customers solve this challenge by combining human expertise and artificial intelligence.

With KantanAI, you build and deliver better products and customer journeys that delight them, persuade and convert them, and keep them loyal.

KantanStream improving communication effectiveness

How can we help you?

Together, let’s make your products smarter. Your customer experiences more exceptional. Your people more productive. Your processes more profitable. And your systems more powerful.

Translation AI

Reach international markets faster than your competitors. Use advanced neural machine translation technologies to accelerate translation delivery.

Customer Support AI

Make your support strategy multilingual. Respond to your Tickets, FAQs and Chats in any language. Reduce resolution times and increase CSAT.

Quality Estimation

Calculate translation costs, resources and timelines using predictive quality estimation. Accelerate delivery of multilingual content by analysing machine translation quality and improving translator velocity and productivity.

Image OCR Processing

Extract printed and handwritten text from images and documents with mixed languages and writing styles. 

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KantanAI works with some of the world’s largest organization to improve their products and services and deliver smoother customer journeys with A.I.

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Everything you need to drive your localization process for global growth

Translation adds complexity to a developer’s environment. The value of automated machine translation is that it takes the complexity out of translation. After the initial setup, you will be able to focus on what counts - making your products smarter and your customer experiences more exceptional.

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