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Custom Machine Translation Solutions

KantanMT is the number one provider of Custom Machine Translation (CMT) in the world, and we help some of the biggest contenders in the patent industry to expand globally faster while maintaining a high quality user experience. KantanMT is architected perfectly for managing the vast amount of content in the patents industry. Challenged with high volume of content and a vast range of languages, a highly efficient localization process is essential to delivering an unrivalled user experience and improving revenue.

Fulfilling all IP requirements

KantanMT is the perfect solution to translate prior art patents to assist in the discovery of IP research. In this scenario, the pure raw Machine Translation is used to discern whether similar inventions have been already created and filed anywhere in the world.

Understanding quality of machine translations with KantanQES
Work team improving communication effectiveness

Our Solution

KantanMT is based on the latest Neural MT technologies and designed to translate a broad range of different content types - from patents, contracts, compliance documents to legal, defense and business content.

KantanMT is architected perfectly for managing the highly structured content of the patents industry. Our solution uses this high degree of predictability to its advantage to produce extremely high quality translations.

Industry Focus

We leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud to provide clients with an intuitive approach to rapidly translate IP related documents in multiple languages. Our translation technology also helps maintain terminology consistency ensuring optimum returns for globalization efforts.

Custom Patent NMT engines

KantanAnalytics™ help our clients in the patents industry build high-quality, Custom MT engines tailored to their precise translation requirements in more than 760 languages.

Fast Deployment and Peak Demands

KantanSwift™ and KantanAutoScale™ are designed to deploy and scale KantanMT engines quickly in line with our client's changing translation demands during release of updated products or new launches.

Improved Customer Service

Using KantanMT's Fully Automated Usable Translations (FAUT), our clients can provide real-time customer support in various languages, thus improving customer satisfaction and return purchase.

Data Security Guarantee

KantanMT is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the safest and most secure and confidential cloud hosting service in the world. To ensure utmost security for client information, KantanMT triple encrypts data to ensure that only our clients access their own content.

Integrated Project Management

The KantanAPI enables clients to integrate their existing localization workflows into KantanMT. Analytics tools such as KantanAnalytics™ provide transparency of translation quality matrix enabling efficient and productive localization projects.

Maintain Brand Identity

Custom KantanMT engines translate brand content efficiently so that brand identity is maintained, regardless of the content's language.

How KantanMT Works

Deploy your multilingual content 50% faster!


Use Translation assets to customize translation style and terminology of advanced neural machine translation engines.


Measure translation fluency and precision using a highly visual and intuitive development environment and create production ready MT solutions fast!


Seamlessly manage machine translation capacity with auto-scaling cloud deployments.

Neural MT technologies designed for translating multiple content types.
Localization service providers increasing productivity

Effortless Machine translation. Increased Productivity.

The limited supply of translators, coupled with the large growth in the type and volume of content means that it is humanly impossible to translate everything. Machine Translation is a viable alternative for localisation service providers that want to grow their business and translate more content for their clients.

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