KantanStream - Smoother customer journeys with A.I.

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KantanStream improves communication effectiveness, helping international organizations create smoother customer journeys.

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Create exceptional customer experiences

KantanStream enables progressive organizations serve customers in their native languages, with always-on, scalable translation services. KantanStream integrates seamlessly into several support desk platforms, empowering agents to understand and respond rapidly to global service requests. KantanStream removes language as a barrier to global customer experiences by combining AI with a global community of translators delivering the speed and scale of machine translation with the authenticity that can come only from a native speaker. 

Improved business efficiency with language AI

Create richer customer experiences with A.I.

By combining human expertise and artificial intelligence, KantanStream gives businesses and their customers the ability to understand each other, make smarter choices, and have richer experiences.

How KantanStream Works


KantanStream integrates directly to your Support Agent desktop application.


Global tickets are automatically translated into the language of your support agents.


Your support agent response is translated back into your customers's language and improved by a professional translators (if required.)

KantanStream improving communication effectiveness

KantanStream Benefits

KantanStream powers modern enterprises to serve customers in their native languages, with always-on, scalable translation across digital support channels. Powered by AI and refined by a global community of translators, KantanStream combines the speed and scale of machine translation with the authenticity that can come only from a native speaker.

Productive Agents

Language is no longer a barrier to global customer support. Any agent can handle any support ticket, in any language. This improves ATA (Average Tickets per Agent), AFTR (Average First Time Response Rate) and, FCRR (First Contact Resolution Rate).

Happy Customers

Keep the conversation flowing and talk your customers' language. Serve global customers with the authenticity of a native speaker. Improve CSAT scores by understanding global customers better, responding to their needs faster!

More Business Agility

Focus on product skills, not language skills - to reduce complexity and cost of recruiting global support teams. Expand into new markets quickly by removing the language barrier. Maximize ROI by continuous process improvement using KantanStream's adaptive MT technologies.

Inexpensive and Affordable

KantanStream is a cloud-based, subscription service, so pay-as-you-go and global support requirements expand. There are no upfront fees or commissioning charges, and KantanStream can be customized in days rather than weeks!


KantanStream is simple to use, accessible via the cloud and easy to manage. It is hosted in Tier 1 Data Centers using secure servers so client content is always stored securely and confidentially. KantanStream is GDPR compliant and personal data is always encrypted.

Global Conversations

KantanStream is integrated with KantanMT ensuring monolingual agents can communicate with customers in more than 150 languages. KantanMT is based on the latest neural MT technologies, which can be customized to incorporate unique translation styles and terminologies.

Ready to learn more?

KantanAI works with some of the world’s largest organization to improve their products and services and deliver smoother customer journeys with A.I.

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Multichannel, multilingual support

KantanStream helps deliver a consistent customer experience across the globe, while maintaining agent workflows and practices they are used to. KantanStream is used to translate Tickets, Chat and FAQs to offer consistent multilingual support across every channel.

How can KantanStream improve CSAT?


A customer’s support ticket and history are in a language the support agent doesn’t speak. How can the support agent understand the customer need and respond rapidly if they can’t understand?


KantanStream provides instant translations for support tickets, leading the support agent to a quick and satisfying customer resolution and enhanced experience.


(1) Faster, better service. (2) Increased customer satisfaction. (3) More effective use of support resources.

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