Earn more while working to your own schedule

Professional Translator Community

KantanStream helps professional translators earn more money by providing a platform for improving machine translated texts.

Human-Powered Machine Translation Platform

KantanStream is a global crowdsourcing translation platform, where anyone with a language skill can earn money. The KantanStream platform lets you improve machine translated texts in your spare time, improving your language skills, all the while working to the schedule that best fits your lifestyle.

KantanStream provides human-powered translations. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, it estimates the quality of machine translated texts and routes low rated quality texts to professional editors for them to improve. These improvements are then used to fine-tune future machine translated texts, allowing the MT process to continuously learn and improve future translations.

Do more with your language skills

Speak a foreign language? Great, KantanStream  allows you to earn money by improving machine translated texts.

All you need is an internet connection, connected mobile device and the KantanStream opportunity is ready for you! It’s that simple – the more you work, the better the language quality you provide, the more you’ll earn.

Work to your own schedule

Want to be your own boss? With KantanStream you can work when you like, where you like and as often as you like. In doing so, you’ll improve machine translated texts and put your spare time to good use earning money as your lifestyle allows. The more hours you work, the better the translation quality you provide, the more you’ll earn.

Interested in joining our community?

The KantanStream Community is an invite-only group of professional translators that supplement their income by improving machine translated texts. If you’re interested in joining, please fill in your details below.

Get paid fast!

Want to earn money fast and get paid even quicker – KantanStream pays you as you work! There are no delays and you’re paid directly for work completed. The more you work, the higher the quality of your translation, the more you’ll earn!

Earn money anytime, anywhere

Like to travel and explore! No problem – earn money on the go simply logging on and using your mobile device to improve machine translated texts. With KantanStream, there’s no need to go to an office to earn professional translation fees for your language skills. It's this simple: logon to your KantanStream account and start earning anytime, anywhere!

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