Feature Overview


Deploy Machine Translation immediately using pre-built engines.

Deploy pre-built engines

KantanFleet is designed for clients with limited or no training data who need to start Machine Translation (MT) projects immediately, or those who do not have enough data to create their own engines. It is a set of domain-specific, customizable, pre-built Machine Translation (CMT) engines.

All training data sourced for our KantanFleet engines are publicly available and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cleared. Furthermore, the engines can be re-trained with client-specific content.

Engine customization - simplified!

Quality is central to each service offered to our clients. We know that quality and consistency of translation are the credentials that build your business and impress your clients. That’s why we’ve made it simple to train your MT engine to generate higher quality more consistent translations.

Everything you need to drive your localization process for global growth

Translation adds complexity to a developer’s environment. The value of automated machine translation is that it takes the complexity out of translation. After the initial setup, you will be able to focus on what counts - making your products smarter and your customer experiences more exceptional.

High quality pre-built engines

KantanFleet comes with 300+ pre-built and tested Neural Machine Translation engines.  These can be deployed immediately into your localization workflows. These KantanFleet engines can also be used as a baseline, to which you can add your own training daat sets. This ensures that you can rapidly development your own engines using KantanFleet as a starting point.  KantanFleet engines are available in the following domains:








Customized engines

We are constantly adding new engines to KantanFleet for new language pairs and new domains or industry verticals. If you require a combination that is not listed, just contact our support team (support@kantanmt.com) and we’ll do our best to create it for you.

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