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KantanMT and Wordbee Announce Connector

2nd October, 2020: KantanMT and Wordbee are pleased to announce the launch of a new connector which will allow Wordbee users to access Neural Machine Translation (NMT) from the KantanMT platform directly into their Wordbee workflow. This new integration will enable increased project management efficiencies, faster translations and overall cost reductions.

“The team at KantanMT is constantly looking at ways to improve efficiencies for localisation teams. We see this as imperative for the sector,” says Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect at KantanMT. “One way we do this is by working with leading industry partners, like Wordbee to develop integrations so that NMT can be embedded seamlessly into established workflows. Wordbee is a key player in many of the same industry segments as KantanMT and so it was a no brainer to ensure this connector went live as soon as possible.“

Demands for high speed, lower cost translations continue to rise, while expectations around translation quality remain consistent. To meet those demands, it’s vital to improve access to Machine Translation (MT) – to do this, MT platforms must meet users where their workflow sits, in their tools.  Wordbee has created an innovative environment which allows users to automate tasks, collaborate and manage workflows while integrating with other technologies to create a connected environment to maximise efficiencies and provide a superior user experience.

The KantanMT Platform enables users to create customised Machine Translation engines using translation memories (TMX), terminology files(TBX) and/or training sets and template engines. Users can also avail of KantanFleet which is designed for clients with limited or no training data who need to start Machine Translation projects immediately. With access to powerful Machine Translation engines, Wordbee users have a win-win – a leading Project Management and CAT Tool, and Machine Translation engines that are improving daily, as Wordbee Translation Memories power Machine Learning to improve the coherence and fluency of Machine Translation engines.

“Adding KantanMT to the list of machine translation providers in Wordbee’s Translation Management System is of great benefit to our customers,” comments Bart Hendrickx, Product and Services Director at Wordbee. “It allows for translating higher volumes of data while saving time and money at the same time. KantanMT is a powerful Neural Machine Translation solution, hence we are excited to announce this integration and that it can now be added to any localisation workflow within Wordbee.”

Getting Started with Wordbee and KantanMT

The KantanMT connector is available for all Wordbee subscribers. Users can get started in minutes by simply adding a new Machine Translation System in the platform settings.

If you are new to Wordbee, you can start your free 15-day trial of Wordbee Translator here or reach out to the Wordbee team ( for more information.

For users of Wordbee who are new to Machine Translation and would like to discuss getting started with KantanMT, please reach out to Jim Nolan ( who will be happy to answer any questions.

About KantanMT

KantanMT is a pioneer in Neural Machine Translation solutions. Its market-leading platform, KantanMT, enables global organisations to customise, improve, and deploy neural MT solutions at scale. Their KantanSkynet platform enables modern enterprises to deliver digital content in native languages, with always-on, AI-enhanced, crowd-sourced translation services. KantanSkynet combines the speed and cost-benefits of machine translation with the authenticity and precision that only a native speaker can deliver.

KantanMT is part of the Keywords Studios Group, the largest provider of global services to the video games and media and entertainment industries. It has offices in over 50 locations and delivers services to 23 of the top 25 games companies.

KantanMT is based in the INVENT Building, DCU Campus, Dublin 9, Ireland.

About Wordbee:

Established in 2008, Wordbee is a Luxembourg based Translation Technology company that develops Wordbee Translator, a collaborative translation editor (CAT) and project management solution, as well as Wordbee Beebox, a content connector that interfaces with the most popular CMS software on the market. Wordbee helps enterprises, language service providers, and public institutions to implement high-performance translation management technologies.

Using Wordbee’s technology improves the time-to-market of products and services while still enhancing the quality of translations at a lower cost.

For more information please contact us at


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