KantanAI accelerates translation delivery and improves communication effectiveness, helping you develop better products and smoother customer journeys.

KantanStream offers seamless connectivity with memoQ Server

October 29th, Dublin : KantanAI is pleased to announce a new connector that offers seamless integration between KantanStream and memoQ Server. The new connector allows clients to avail of the speed, scale and flexibility of KantanStream (Community Translation Platform), with the advanced capabilities of memoQ Server (Translation Management System).

KantanStream accelerates translation delivery and improves communication effectiveness, helping develop better products and smoother customer journeys. KantanStream removes language as a barrier to global customer experiences by combining AI with a global community of translators delivering the speed and scale of machine translation with the authenticity that can come only from a native speaker.

Documents can now be uploaded to the KantanStream portal, which will automatically launch a project on memoQ Server. Once the translations are completed, KantanStream will retrieve them and assemble the translated documents for download from within the KantanStream portal. The data interchange and processing is seamless and fully automated.

Seamless integration is critical for organizations looking to build efficiencies, reduce costs, and maximise the value of translation technology. KantanAI is committed to partnering with the best in class tool providers so that users can benefit from high-speed, high-quality Neural Machine Translation embedded directly into localisation workflows.

“KantanAI has long been a partner of memoQ and we’re excited about integration with memoQ Server. This aims to provide faster workflows and increased management features,” says Dominick Kelly, Sales Director at KantanAI.” “Embedding KantanStream directly into existing workflows is essential for any localisation team, whether in an enterprise setting, an LSP, or indeed independent translators too. We’re pleased that memoQ users can do this even more seamlessly now.”

About (previously is a pioneer in neural machine translation solutions. Its market leading platform, KantanMT, enables global organisations to customise, improve and deploy neural MT solutions at scale. Their KantanStream platform enables modern enterprises to deliver digital content in native languages, with always-on, AI-enhanced, crowd-sourced translation services. KantanStream combines the speed and cost-benefits of machine translation with the authenticity and precision that only a native speaker can deliver. is part of the Keywords Studios Group, the largest provider of global services to the video games and media and entertainment industries. It has offices in over 50 locations and delivers services to 23 of the top 25 games companies.

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About memoQ

memoQ is a technology provider that has been delivering premium solutions to the translation industry since 2004. memoQ has been dedicated to delivering innovation through diverse developments that today help hundreds of thousands of freelance translators, translation companies, and enterprises worldwide.

Having simplicity and effective translation processes in mind, memoQ combines ease of use, collaboration, interoperability, and leverage in a single tool. Discover a new world with memoQ!



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