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Integrate neural machine translation solutions into localization workflows to seamless introduce automated translation

Integrate automated translation

Machine Translation is an important tool in your localization mix, but how do you connect these platforms to your internal workflow systems and more importantly into your client supply chain. Integrating Custom Machine Translation (CMT) into the heart of your localization workflow is a proven and an efficient way of achieving higher levels of translation productivity.

Understanding quality of machine translations with KantanQES

Effortless Machine Translation

Traditional MT solutions are difficult to use, hard to access, expensive to deploy and technically challenging to maintain. KantanMT is easy to access and inexpensive to maintain and deploy.​​

Software Development Kit

KantanAPI is a software development kit (SDK) that is fully featured. It provides a series of REST-ful API methods to help our clients build connectors and applications that seamlessly extend their localization workflows.

Translate More for Less

Integrate Custom MT engines into your localization workflows with little or no technical knowledge required

Blindingly Fast

KantanAPI is fast and all service calls are handled asynchronously, which results in amazingly fast response times

REST-ful Interface

KantanAPI is based on the REST interface, is stateless and can be configured in a matter of minutes


KantanAPI is a fully secured web service using private API tokens

Webscale Deployment

KantanAPI combines load balancing and auto-scaling into one seamless service to improve translation capacity, system reliability and overall translation performance

Expanding Eco-system

Connectors are currently available for MemoQ, SDL Trados Studio, MemSource, XTM, Across and the Okapi Framework.

Ready to learn more?

KantanAI works with some of the world’s largest organization to improve their products and services and deliver smoother customer journeys with A.I.

LSP working smarter for better productivity.

Engine Customization - Made Simple!

Quality is central to each service offered to our clients. We know that quality and consistency of translation are the credentials that build your business and impress your clients. That’s why we’ve made it simple to train your MT engine to generate higher quality more consistent translations.

Effortless Machine translation. Increased Productivity.

The limited supply of translators, coupled with the large growth in the type and volume of content means that it is humanly impossible to translate everything. Machine Translation is a viable alternative for localisation service providers that want to grow their business and translate more content for their clients.

Localization service providers increasing productivity
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