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Seamlessly manage machine translation capacity with auto-scaling cloud deployments

Increase machine translation capacity

Machine Translation is an important tool in your localization mix that needs to scale effortlessly with the demands of your localization workflow. Using the KantanAutoScale Wizard, multiple instances of a KantanMT engine can be deployed simultaneously. Translation requests are distributed evenly across each of these instances providing higher translation throughputs, improved fault tolerance and system availability.

Understanding quality of machine translations with KantanQES

Effortless Machine Translation

Traditional MT solutions are difficult to use, hard to access, expensive to deploy and technically challenging to maintain. KantanMT is easy to access and inexpensive to maintain and deploy.​​

Minimize costs, while maximizing translation capacity

KantanAutoScale automatically distributes incoming translation requests across multiple KantanMT servers. It monitors the health of each KantanMT server and routes traffic only to the healthy targets. KantanAutoscale is secure, scalable and available for any Kantan account user.

Increase Translation Capacity

Increase translation capacity by automatically deploying multiple instances of a KantanMT engine across the cloud

Auto-Scale Intelligence

KantanAutoScale will scale-in and scale-out KantanMT servers based on a minimum and maximum number of servers to minimize operational costs

Improve Translation Velocity

Automatically distribute translation requests across multiple KantanMT servers based on an analysis of inbound translation requests

System Reliability

KantanAutoScale monitors each deployed KantanMT instance and will automatically replace degraded instances to guarantee system reliability and improve system fault tolerance

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KantanAI works with some of the world’s largest organization to improve their products and services and deliver smoother customer journeys with A.I.

Intelligent Auto-scaling

KantanAutoScale automatically distributes incoming MT request across multiple KantanMT servers. KantanAutoScale provides automatic traffice load balancing supporting high availability, automatic scaling, and robust security necessary to make your machine translation system fault tolerant.

Quality estimation scores with AI faster better service.

Everything you need to drive your localization process for global growth

Translation adds complexity to a developer’s environment. The value of automated machine translation is that it takes the complexity out of translation. After the initial setup, you will be able to focus on what counts - making your products smarter and your customer experiences more exceptional.


Quality is central to each service offered to our clients. We know that quality and consistency of translation are the credentials that build your business and impress your clients. That’s why we’ve made it simple to train your MT engine to generate higher quality more consistent translations. By using existing translation memories and content, your KantanMT engine can develop broader domain expertise and knowledge of your client content. This has a measurable effect on the generated outputs . The more your train the more you gain!

Translate More for Less

Machine translation eliminates the two main constraints of human translation: cost and capacity. Additionally, it's fast!

Increase Productivity

Machine translation helps our clients process more content at lower costs in a timely manner.

Accessible and Secure

KantanMT is simple to use, accessible via the cloud and easy to manage. It is hosted on secure servers so client content is always stored securely and confidentially.

Inexpensive and Affordable

KantanMT is a cloud-based, subscription service, so you pay-as-you-go. There are no upfront fees or commissioning charges.

Localization service providers increasing productivity

Effortless Machine translation. Increased Productivity.

The limited supply of translators, coupled with the large growth in the type and volume of content means that it is humanly impossible to translate everything. Machine Translation is a viable alternative for localisation service providers that want to grow their business and translate more content for their clients.

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